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The Preschool program focuses on sharing, taking turns, respecting different points of view and talking to solve problems.  It encourages self-help skills. The curriculum includes science, social studies, pre-reading and pre-math skills. They also work on fine motor and gross motor development.  A typical day includes free play, two circle times which include story, songs and finger play, group time when the students are broken into small groups and rotate through four different rooms, a snack time and outside play time.  Students go on a couple of field trips and participate in cooking projects. Parents and older siblings are encouraged to read a story, share a hobby or do a project.


walk The Prekindergarten program focuses on mastery of self-help skills as well as the more academic pre reading, math, science and social studies skills.  This program also includes physical, art and music education.  Children also participate in several field trips throughout the year.  A typical day includes free play, two circle times, group time, snack time and outside play.  Circle times include skill work, such as patterning, graphing, and number recognition, sound awareness, rhyming, letter recognition, and scientific explorations as well as songs, finger play and stories.